at more than creative, we believe...

Your marketing should support your sales process.

Brands need to have a personal connection. People buy from people. 


Everything you say in your marketing should be preparing for the "yes" in your sales process. You're building trust, training your future clients on what's most important in your experience, and showing off the benefits of what you have to offer.

Ideally your clients should be bought in by the time they speak with you, so you're not really "selling" anything. You're simply talking through what would be the best fit for them and setting the stage for how they should expect to work with you.

Growing a personality-driven brand allows you to build more than just a company… it allows you to build a following that will support you in all of the paths your entrepreneurial journey takes you. It’s specific not to just what you do or what you sell, but WHO you are.

More Than Creative's goal is to be a resource to entrepreneurs who want to take their marketing and sales to the next level. 

There's a million ways to do that...

So we're curating a collection of programs that best align with our skills and your needs.

They are all designed to develop different stages of your buyer's journey and boost your business to the next level – all based on proven strategies AND what you specifically need.

Our dream is to work alongside businesses for multiple services to create cohesion and collaboration as you really step into your creative genius.

As you grow, we'll grow with you. 

current programs

brand identity + messaging

You've been in business for awhile and have figured out most of what you do and where you fit in...but you've never really strategized the full picture.

You're really starting to see traction and know you need to make some major advances, but need a solid foundation before you really invest in upgrading your brand assets, redesigning your website, creating content, updating email templates, etc.

Together we'll outline all of the core facets of your brand identity and how that directs your messaging, so you'll never have to wonder "what should I say next?"

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blogging + content planning

You're proud of your Instagram audience...but you're ready to invest in a longer term marketing strategy on a platform that isn't dependent on trends.

You've been thinking about blogging for awhile and you KNOW the benefits – you love the idea of having a living portfolio to share your client wins and also want to focus more on educating clients...but it just feels like such a TASK to get started. 

If you've been waiting to set everything up, learn a repeatable process, and finally hit publish, then this VIP day is exactly what you need.

website strategy, copy, + design

You know you want to create a website you're proud of, but none of the templates feel quite like the right fit. You're ready to invest in a more custom design but had no idea that even when working with a designer you have to provide the strategy and copy for the website pages...

It's already hard to find the words to describe what you do – let alone present them in the right order!

Together, we'll build a website strategy and collaborate on copy that speaks directly to your brand and how you serve your clients so you can have a website that feels like the online version of home.

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brand Identity + messaging

Create a strong foundation by defining your brand identity and messaging so you can show up confidently in marketing and sales.

  • Dig deeper into understanding your core values, purpose, impact, and goals
  • Better define your target market so you know exactly who you're speaking to
  • Learn how and where to infuse more of your personality into your messaging
  • Review your current online presence and what messaging coincides with your brand identity and what doesn’t
  • Clearly understand your brand’s “voice” (the unique way you present to the world) and how to infuse that in your marketing, sales, and client experience
  • Talk through ideas for incorporating more of your brand identity and voice into your messaging on your website, social profiles, emails, etc. 
  • Create an actionable plan for the most impactful changes to implement immediately, plus a bank of ideas for the future

create a solid foundation with clear direction

editable brand IDENTITY + Messaging guide

starts at

  • You want to invest in your brand strategy (photos, website, etc.) but need a clearer and stronger foundation
  • You have most of your business strategy put together but it's all scattered across multiple documents...or it's just in your head
  • You’re struggling with developing content, feeling like you don’t know what to talk about or how to talk about it


3 hours of focused VIP coaching

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60 min follow up call with feedback

coaching program

launch price: $675

blogging + Content strategy

Develop your blogging strategy and workflow, create an effective and realistic editorial calendar, and maximize on content you own.

  • Assess your current tech suite to make sure you have all of the best tools for creating blog posts specific to your industry
  • Setup your Wordpress blog with categories and topics
  • Learn the strategy for brainstorming thousands of topics for quarterly content calendars
  • Train on SEO best practices to make sure you're maximizing your posts
  • Create a repeatable, realistic process for writing, formatting, publishing, and sharing consistent content
  • Push beyond the basic topics to create content that will actually serve your audience (and answer questions before they're asked!)

strategize categories, tags, and topics

blog writing, formatting, and SEO training

starts at

  • You have tons of client stories to share and questions to answer but no real clear way to organize and talk about them
  • You're ready to have a marketing strategy that will grow over time and won't be reliant on trends and platforms you don't own.
  • You have a clear understanding of your brand messaging but aren't sure how to best utilize blogging as a marketing strategy


3 hours of focused VIP coaching

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during your VIP DAY, we will:

30 min follow up call with feedback

vip DAY

launch price: $795

website strategy, wireframe, + Copywriting

Create a website strategy created by defining your website’s goals, messaging, and navigation plan, collaborate on wireframes and copy so you’re prepared to design a website that connects and converts. 

  • Review an audit of your current website (if applicable) and create sitemap strategy, including the navigation and main purpose for each page
  • Build a conversion strategy to create a helpful and positive user experience
  • Create clear and consistent messaging that fits within your overall brand
  • Design a wireframe structure to understand the layout of the page
  • Collaborate on the copy included on each page
  • Answer questions and give feedback about implementation
  • Create an action plan to build yourself, take the plan to a designer, OR sign up for the Website Add On VIP Week.

create a strategy that educates, builds trust, and converts

wireframes for up to 5 pages, plus blog

starts at

  • You've tried tons of templates and none of them seem to fit just right. 
  • You know the type of client you want to attract but aren't sure the most effective way to display all of the information about what you offer
  • You're preparing to re-design your website (either yourself or with a designer) but want to develop the larger strategy and copy first


3 weeks of 2 hour coaching calls

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during your Calls, we will:

60 min follow up call to review implementation

coaching program

launch price: $1295

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I'd love to hear about your big dreams and goals and work through all of the ideas swirling in your head.

To make sure it's an effective investment for you, we'll have a quick consult call to make sure I can help with what you're working on. If we're a good fit, we'll schedule a 90 minute call to talk through whatever you need help with and I'll make sure you leave with clarity and a few new ideas. 

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