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As strong believers in creating content that educates, entertains, and inspires, the blog will always be a place of fresh content speaking directly to the things you need as a business owner. 

Written by: Weston When Dakota and I’s dad lived in Maryland a few years back, we used to go to D.C. as a family often. On these trips to the nation’s capital, we would do the typical things: museums, monuments, riding the metro, but there’s one particular trip that sticks with me to this day.  […]

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How To Write A Session Recap That Isn’t Boring

All right photographers – this one’s for you!!! It’s clear that I have a love and passion for topical blogging (sharing thoughts via written word), but one of the major components of selling a service is having a portfolio. Something that proves your expertise, shares your past work, and gives an idea of what to […]

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Introducing Portfolio Blogging For Photographers

Blogging for Photographers

If there’s one hill I will die on about marketing, it’s that blogging is not dead. It is one of the single most things I attribute the success of Dakota Hersey Photography to. While the environment around blogging has changed over the years (it’s no longer the main source of information or how people spend […]

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Introducing: Blogging Done For You