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As strong believers in creating content that educates, entertains, and inspires, the blog will always be a place of fresh content speaking directly to the things you need as a business owner. 

First things first…navigation = menu of links on a website. This is how you have your website organized. Top navigation are the links at the top, and are typically more curated and specific with 4-6 options. Bottom navigation are the links in the footer of a website. These can have more of a directory or […]

Website Strategy

How To Choose Your Navigation Links For Your Website

Written by: Weston When Dakota and I’s dad lived in Maryland a few years back, we used to go to D.C. as a family often. On these trips to the nation’s capital, we would do the typical things: museums, monuments, riding the metro, but there’s one particular trip that sticks with me to this day.  […]

Content Strategy

How To Write A Session Recap That Isn’t Boring

One of the biggest advertising events of the year was…Meh. Dare I say…terrible? Here’s what you can learn from the 2024 Super Bowl Commercials (AKA these companies’ million dollar mistakes).  A good story is what connects. When you think about past superbowl commercials, which ones do you remember? Did it have a celebrity or did […]

Content Strategy

What You Can Learn From The 2024 Super Bowl Commercials

What you can learn from the 2024 Super Bowl Commercials

All right photographers – this one’s for you!!! It’s clear that I have a love and passion for topical blogging (sharing thoughts via written word), but one of the major components of selling a service is having a portfolio. Something that proves your expertise, shares your past work, and gives an idea of what to […]

Content Strategy

Introducing Portfolio Blogging For Photographers

Blogging for Photographers

If there’s one hill I will die on about marketing, it’s that blogging is not dead. It is one of the single most things I attribute the success of Dakota Hersey Photography to. While the environment around blogging has changed over the years (it’s no longer the main source of information or how people spend […]

Content Strategy

Introducing: Blogging Done For You

Episode 011 of More Than Creative, The Podcast, is all about how to market yourself and your business on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and other short form video platforms. Short form videos are a production! It can be a lot for one person.  There is pressure to use a trending sound or idea, but making it […]


EP 011: Short-Form Video — Think Smarter, Not Harder

This episode of More Than Creative, The Podcast is discussing blogs and how to approach them. While it can feel like blogging is dead and social media and short-form video is king, blogging is still an extremely beneficial marketing strategy that has a much longer return on investment. They have exponential value in your SEO […]


EP 010: Blog Topics, Categories, and Tags

Dakota and Weston weather a summer thunderstorm inside talking about how intention drives behavior and how it makes key differences in how you approach your business – and your life. Dakota shares how she approached beginning More Than Creative, how she collected her core values, and how she continues to shape and narrow them down as […]


EP 009: Intention Drives Behavior

In Episode 8 of More Than Creative, The Podcast, Dakota and Weston discuss the values of storytelling beyond what’s being shown in an Instagram post. They highlight the value in doing, creating, and writing things that you actually want to read and enjoy. Mentioning everything from Barbenhimer and Life Size to The Beatles and Nirvana […]


EP 008: Show, Don’t Tell: Write Something You Actually Want To Read

On this episode of More Than Creative, The Podcast, Dakota and Weston talk about “About” pages and how your personality can shine through in your website copy.  The “About” page of your website is where you can really be creative and have more freedom to express what makes you unique – as long as you […]


EP 007: Brand Personality + “About” Pages: No One Cares About Your Timeline