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As strong believers in creating content that educates, entertains, and inspires, the blog will always be a place of fresh content speaking directly to the things you need as a business owner. 

More Than Creative, The Podcast Episode 006 is titled Don’t Be Afraid To Be Different.  Dakota and Weston discuss their copywriting client, Kelsie Zeagler Photography, and the things they have learned through working with her, developing her copy and website. They talk about how business owners struggle with explaining why they are different and where […]


EP 006: Don’t Be Afraid To Be Different

Dakota and Weston dive deep into words, their connotation, and their definitions in Episode Five of More Than Creative, The Podcast.  Weston joins Dakota on the podcast as a permanent addition! He is now acting as the podcast manager/producer. He and Dakota discuss how the connotation of words affects how your clients receive your messaging, […]


EP 005: Choosing The Right Words To Describe Your Brand

Episode Four of More Than Creative, The Podcast is all about core values.  Dakota talks about how the fundamental beliefs that we hold as people affect the way we approach life, our decisions, and our business. She discusses why it’s important to define and understand your core values, what core values even are, how they […]


EP 004: How To Incorporate Your Core Values Into Your Messaging

Episode 2 of More Than Creative, The Podcast, is about Dakota breaking down brand strategy.  She talks about how she approached her More Than Creative business strategy by collecting brainstormed ideas in her own “manifesto” and the five stages to understanding your brand and then shaping your strategy: clarity, direction, voice, content, and visuals.  Dakota […]


EP 002: My 5 Stage Approach To Brand Strategy

The very first More Than Creative, The Podcast episode!  Dakota talks about the value of podcasting along with the processes and challenges behind starting and creating a podcast and a brand. She mentions core beliefs and being authentic, stating that starting More Than Creative, The Podcast is a perfect opportunity for her to show up […]


EP 001: Welcome To More Than Creative, The Podcast!

Here I am, staring at my computer once again. Just last week I felt like I had so much to say and now that I’m here planning out my content for the quarter… *crickets*  Even the best of us who look like we never run out of ideas get stuck.  Coming up with blog topics […]

Content Strategy

My Fail-Proof Method For Brainstorming Blog Post Topics

My fail-proof method for brainstorming blog topics

You looked through what felt like hundreds of website templates and found the one that felt the most like you. You’re plugging in your photos, changing the brand colors, updating links…everything is feeling good. Then comes the hardest part – the WORDS. You’re not totally sure how to narrow down all of the blood, sweat, […]

Website Strategy

What is the Website Strategy and Copy Program?

What is the Website Strategy and Copy Program?

If you’re building a house you need a blueprint. It’s what drives the whole project. Could you imagine building a house starting with a collection of windows, doors, and cabinets? You could probably make them fit, but it would be a mess. Way more complicated than necessary. Every structural and finishing detail is decided upon […]

Website Strategy

Website Wireframes: What They Are And Why They’re Important

Brands are like people. Each one has different purposes and goals, and they all have very specific voices. As you are working through honing your brand messaging, defining your brand personality is going to be a huge component. This advice is going to be for two different types of personality-driven brands: The soloprenuer – meaning […]

Brand Identity

5 Questions To Understand Your Brand Personality

5 Questions To Better Define Your Brand Personality

When I was creating “More Than Creative” I was SO stuck on what the services should be, what they should include, how they should be structured, etc. It was incredibly overwhelming. I felt like I was a jumble of ideas. A mentor of mine gave me the advice to simply write down everything I knew […]

Brand Identity

What is a Brand Identity and Messaging VIP Day?

What is a brand identity and messaging VIP Day?